Student Profiles

Hear from Integrative Science alumni:

My mentors in the ISCI major that have guided me through the research process on multiple occasions significantly increased my comfortability in the fellowship.

Ben Hodapp '17

I think the exposure to research in many of my required courses as an integrative health science major prepared me for this internship and helped me stand out from other applicants.

Morgan Potter '17

Because I was able to work as both chemistry and biology lab teaching assistants at CSB/SJU, I felt comfortable with all of the apparatus, instruments and chemicals being used in my lab this summer.

Donovan Inniss '18

I was able to make strong professional connections with numerous different healthcare professionals and gain firsthand experience seeing how the healthcare system works on a daily basis.

Melissa Seldon '17

The liberal arts component of my undergraduate education has provided me with the ability to understand both the biochemical aspects of medicine as well as the underlying morality and human aspects of medicine.

Kevin Curwick '17

I gained a new appreciation for the importance of research and want to make it an important aspect of my medical career. 

Tyler Bruinsma '17

In general, research is such a rewarding experience because not only do you gain knowledge and experience but society also benefits from the knowledge acquired from your research.

Meghan Koop '17