Environmental Studies

Funding the COP

Student Resources for Funding COP

COP Scholarship

Donors to CSB and SJU offer significant support to COP students each year. The COP Scholarship Application is embedded in the application to the COP program. So, just apply for COP and then answer the scholarship questions. These scholarships are typically allocated to students at the time of acceptance to the COP class. Financial need is prioritized, but we consider any applicant who is paying for a portion of the trip themselves to have some need.

Departmental Scholarships

Watch your emails for notices from academic and other departments for scholarship opportunities.


Discuss scholarship opportunities with your professors; they may know about additional resources.

Scholarship For CSB Students

CSB/SJU Financial Aid

Set up an appointment with a financial aid counselor in the CSB or SJU financial aid office to discuss options, such as:

  • Private student loans
  • Using federal student loan eligibility for the trip if you are not using it all for Fall or Spring semester

External Scholarships

Resources for scholarships and aid outside CSB/SJU

McCarthy Center

Resources for external scholarship ideas from the McCarthy Center

CSB and SJU Senates

Students can submit an agenda item/funding request to the appropriate senate to request funding support for traveling to the COP. Be prepared to present a cohesive budget and answer questions regarding the impact of traveling to the COP on you and/or the CSB/SJU community.


Dr. Derek Larson
Chair, Environmental Studies
SJU Peter Engel 235

Jennifer Kutter
Department Coordinator
SJU Peter Engel 201

[email protected]