SBS Funding Guidelines

SBS Funding Guidelines 2019-2020

The Saint Ben's Senate's main funding objective is to act as responsible stewards of the student activity fee. These guidelines are to guide the Senate in responsible decision-making and better inform students seeking funding.


SBS will consider funding:

  • Saint Ben's students, groups and events that will contribute to the Saint Ben's community and/or contribute to the student experience as a whole.
  • Registration and conference fees in the amount of up to $300 per person, not to exceed $1,800 per event; please bring any relevant registration papers to the Senate. 
  • An independent student based project, not already available on campus, which will seek alternative funding opportunities in the future.
  • Post-season CSB only club sport competitions; see registration and travel guidelines.
  • On-Campus events and speakers that are not eligible for funding from the Co-Funding Board
  • Travel (lodging and transportation, excluding meals) costs up to $100 per person for up to five people or up to $500 per group. If the need is greater than this amount, the Senate will consider funding up to 3/5 (60%) of travel.

The SBS will not fund:

  • Alternative Break Experiences
  • Study abroad programs
  • Internships
  • Experiences for class credit
  • Departmentally housed organizations, projects, and events
  • Donations
  • More than $100 for prizes/giveaways/advertisements per group per academic year,
    • Club events, programs, travel or conferences that are eligible for funding by the Co-Funding Board. 

Last Updated: February 24, 2020