Asian Studies Major

The Asian Studies Program prepares students for engaged global citizenship and life-long personal and professional involvement with Asian societies through focused interdisciplinary study.  


Kiandro Scavella

Kiandro Scavella '18
Monbukagakusho Scholar, Japan

Why Asian Studies?
I wasn't always an Asian Studies major, like most Bahamians at CSB/SJU I delved into the sciences. I was first a Numerical Computation major, and then Computer Science, then Natural Science, somewhere along the line Art came into the mix too.  I then remembered a time a high school when I began to learn Japanese just as a little hobby on the side. However, since The Bahamas is light years away from Japan nobody took me seriously when I said, "I'm going to learn Japanese, and fly to Japan one day." I also remember defending against the xenophobic ignorance a nation based on tourism would hurl towards East Asia, due to the immigrants in The Bahamas.  It was at that moment, I knew what direction I wanted to take off in, and that direction was to the East. The feeling I received from defending something that had value to me, and others was ecstatic.

Asian Studies has been a gateway for me to expand my knowledge and boundaries around many topics deemed controversial in The Bahamas.  I've made friends from over 8 different countries, learned a slew of historical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and my ego has stepped down by at least 5 levels since high school (seriously, ask my high school friends, I was a mess).

Cindy GonzalezCindy Liliana Gonzales '14
Saint John's SOT, MN

Why Asian Studies?
When I left home for college I had one goal, learn something completely new.  I never knew that would be Chinese.  I experimented with other majors but Asian Studies truly gave me a space to challenge my mind and gain so many new experiences.  I really enjoyed all of my history classes but also dove into other departments that offered Asian Studies tagged classes such as Theology: Islam.  

Asian Studies is a major that focuses on further developing an understanding and passion for diversity.  It ignites a passion for a lifetime of learning and encourages students to think beyond CSB/SJU — there is a whole world outside of campus and Asian Studies invites students to enter into that world without fear and authentic curiosity.