Asian Studies

The Asian studies major and minor will be gradually discontinued beginning Fall 2023. Students who were enrolled at CSB and SJU prior to Fall 2023 will be able to continue in the major and minor and all appropriate opportunities will be available to them through Spring 2026.


Kiandro Scavella

Kiandro Scavella '18
Monbukagakusho Scholar, Japan

Why Asian Studies?
I wasn't always an Asian Studies major, like most Bahamians at CSB/SJU I delved into the sciences. I was first a Numerical Computation major, and then Computer Science, then Natural Science, somewhere along the line Art came into the mix too.  I then remembered a time a high school when I began to learn Japanese just as a little hobby on the side. However, since The Bahamas is light years away from Japan nobody took me seriously when I said, "I'm going to learn Japanese, and fly to Japan one day." I also remember defending against the xenophobic ignorance a nation based on tourism would hurl towards East Asia, due to the immigrants in The Bahamas.  It was at that moment, I knew what direction I wanted to take off in, and that direction was to the East. The feeling I received from defending something that had value to me, and others was ecstatic.

Asian Studies has been a gateway for me to expand my knowledge and boundaries around many topics deemed controversial in The Bahamas.  I've made friends from over 8 different countries, learned a slew of historical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and my ego has stepped down by at least 5 levels since high school (seriously, ask my high school friends, I was a mess).

Cindy GonzalezCindy Liliana Gonzales '14
Saint John's SOT, MN

Why Asian Studies?
When I left home for college I had one goal, learn something completely new.  I never knew that would be Chinese.  I experimented with other majors but Asian Studies truly gave me a space to challenge my mind and gain so many new experiences.  I really enjoyed all of my history classes but also dove into other departments that offered Asian Studies tagged classes such as Theology: Islam.  

Asian Studies is a major that focuses on further developing an understanding and passion for diversity.  It ignites a passion for a lifetime of learning and encourages students to think beyond CSB/SJU — there is a whole world outside of campus and Asian Studies invites students to enter into that world without fear and authentic curiosity.