Art Department

Overview of Program

A CSB/SJU art degree is intended to prepare students for careers or further education in art. For the non-major, this education provides a preliminary understanding of art forms, the creative process and a beginning ability to employ critical analysis.

  • You begin your journey by choosing a concentration in studio art and/or a major in studio art with a minor in art education.
  • We stress both a historical view of art as well as a cross-cultural approach to learning about the diversity of art forms.
  • We encourage our seniors to pursue internships, independent learning projects and a final thesis project.

Program Highlights

  • We have a national reputation for excellence in undergraduate education.
  • Students will experience working in well-equipped studio classrooms, and have access to personal studio work space.
  • Our visiting artists program brings professional artists to campus each year to speak with students, critique works, and present master classes.

Malcolm Mobutu Smith | Monday, May 3rd at 7 p.m.

As part of the Sister Dennis Virtual Visiting Artist Speaker Series, Malcolm Mobutu Smith will provide a glimpse into influence, reference and identity in his journey as an artist/educator. Smith is an artist and teacher, currently Associate Professor of Ceramic Art at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

ARTE Event - Access the talk HERE.