Certificate in Spiritual Direction


A two-year program of 12 credits in core theology and 10 credits in the art and skills of spiritual direction, including an 8-month supervised practicum.

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Specific practices guide the Benedictine way of livingfour of which are integrated into the spiritual direction courses for the certificate:

Lectio on Life Traditional lectio divina  (prayerful reading of scripture) prepares us to approach our lived experience contemplatively.

Hospitality The practice of hospitality opens us to receive God in unexpected ways when we welcome others as Christ.

Stability Yielding to God's presence in the givens of life, staying with rather than escaping our experiences, frees us to be fully alive in the now.

Conversion of Life Accepting that we are called to continual conversion increases our desire to listen and be faithful to God's call.

Buddhist Wisdom for Benedictine Spiritual Direction  Concepts from Buddhist psychology deepen our understanding of Benedictine practices.


"Listen with the ear of your heart."
Prologue, Rule of Benedict


Icon of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica
Written by +Sister Mary Charles McGough, OSB
@ St. Scholastica Monastery Duluth, MN