Economics Department

The Department of Economics helps students understand economic behavior and how the economy creates wealth and contributes to well-being. Students can study international economies, economic development and growth, labor markets, industries and businesses, financial markets, monetary economics, public policy, environmental economics and other important topics.

Why study economics?  These students can tell you why.

Connor Griffin Molly Carey Licheng Yin Arianna Stotz

I knew coming in that I wanted a rewarding major that would challenge my sk. ills and eventually get me a position at a large company
Connor Griffin

I initially intended to pursue a career in journalism,but after taking Econ 111 sophomore year, I fell in love with the study of economics.
Molly Carey

With the knowledge of economics, I can get the idea of how this society works and what this society is going to look like.
Licheng Yin

A major in economics is very versatile and gives you enough breadth to really run in whichever direction your interests point you.
Arianna Stotz

Overview of Program

  • A flexible program allows students to pursue other areas of academic interests as well as to participate in study abroad programs
  • An undergraduate research component helps students gain valuable skills in understanding economic problems and in preparing and presenting high quality research using careful analysis and quantitative tools
  • A required research seminar designed to give students the opportunity to take on real problems in the real world
  • Eight full-time faculty members offering excellent advising and mentoring to students — both majors and minors
  • Graduates find success in their post-college academic and professional careers — including work in business, finance, government, public policy, law and academia
  • An active intellectual life both on and off campus through the Clemens Lecture Series, departmental seminars and participation in conferences