About CSB & SJU

A Unique Partnership

CSB, for women, and SJU, for men, are nationally recognized Catholic liberal arts colleges and ranked among the top Catholic, liberal arts colleges in the nation. They share one academic program, and students attend classes together on both campuses. This integrated learning experience combines a challenging academic program with extensive opportunities for international study, leadership, service learning, spiritual growth and cultural and athletic involvement. The combined enrollment of more than 3,800 students makes CSB and SJU the largest of the nation's liberal arts colleges.

Yet, CSB and SJU are two colleges. Each college retains its own campus, residence halls, athletic programs and traditions. CSB/SJU are committed to the development of the whole person, meeting the unique needs of both women and men in single-gender and co-educational experiences.

The Catholic character of CSB and SJU is shaped by the Benedictine communities which founded the colleges in the 19th century and continues to foster Benedictine Catholic values in the academic, spiritual and social life of the colleges. Today, Benedictine women and men remain actively involved in teaching and administration, and their prayerful presence in community life provides the stable sense of home for which both CSB and SJU are so well known.

CSB and SJU are located six miles apart in central Minnesota, surrounded by more than 3,000 acres of pristine forests, prairies and lakes. The colleges are minutes away from the St. Cloud metropolitan area, with a population of more than 100,000, while Minneapolis and St. Paul are 70 miles southeast on I-94.

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