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Faculty & Staff

William duPont

Assistant Professor of Economics
Office: Main 346, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5244

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of Hawaii
M.A.  University of Texas at Austin
B.A.   Rice University, Texas

Teaching Areas/Interests
International Economics, Macroeconomics,
                                                         Disaster Economics, Japanese Economy

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         Japan's Economy

Dan Finn              

Professor of Economics and Theology
Clemens Chair in Economics and the Liberal Arts
Office: Simons 248, SJU
Phone: 320-363-3048

Degrees and Post Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of Chicago, Religious Social Ethics
M.A. University of Chicago, Economics
B.S. St. John Fischer College, Mathematics


                                                         Teaching Areas/Interest
                                                         Ethics and Economics, History of Economic Thought,
                                                         Economics and Philosophy

                                                         Research Areas/Interest
                                                         Morality and markets, Ethics and International Trade,
                                                         Power in Catholic Social Thought

                                                         Personal Information
                                                         Dan is a serious bridge player, loves to work with wood,
                                                         (he made his own kitchen table) and enjoys gardening.

Michael Hemesath

Professor of Economics
and President of Saint John's University
Office: Quad 136, SJU

Degrees and Post Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. Harvard University
B.S. Saint John's University

Teaching Areas/Interests
International Economics, Health Economics,                                                                         Transition Economics

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         Economics of Education, Transition Economics,
                                                         Health Economcis

                                                         Personal Information:
                                                         Spouse: Elizabeth Galbraith; three sons,
                                                         Cameron, Sebastian and Alexander.

Louis Johnston

Professor of Economics
Joseph P. Farry Professor,
McCarthy Cener for Public Policy and Civic Engagement
Office: Main 333, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5683
Personal website:

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
M.A. University of California, Berkeley
                                                         B.S. University of Minnesota

                                                         Teaching Areas/Interests
                                                         Macreconomics, Economic History, Economic Growth,
                                                         Introductory Economics

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         Evolution of Minnesota's economy,
                                                         U.S. output and productivity before 1930.
                                                         Columnist.  MinnPost
                                                         Contributor to textbooks:
                                                         a. Robert Frank and Ben Bernanke, Principles of Economics,
                                                         McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009 and 2012 (4th and 5th editions).
                                                         b.  Robert Frank and Ben Bernanke, Principles of Economics,
                                                         Brief Edition McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2009 and 2011 (1st and 2nd editions).

                                                         Personal Information
                                                         Louis centers his life around his wife, Susan Riley
                                                         (also a professor at CSB/SJU) and his children, Olivia and John.
                                                         Besides family and economics, his passions are history,
                                                         music (especially big band jazz) and trains.

                                                         Meg Lewis

                                                         Professor of Economics
                                                         Office: Main 347, CSB
                                                         Phone: 320-363-5977

                                                         Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
                                                         Ph.D. University of Maryland
                                                         M.A. University of Maryland
                                                         B.A. College of William and Mary

                                                         Teaching Areas/Interests
                                                         Economics of Gender and Race, Labor Economics,
                                                         Quantitative Methods in  Economics/Econometrics,
                                                         and History of Economic Thought

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         Evolution of the economics discipline and profession;
                                                         effective pedagogy in the economics classroom; institutional
                                                         and feminist economics.

                                                         Personal Information
                                                         Meg enjoys working with stained and fused glass, reading, and
                                                         just hanging out with husband David and her four-legged guys:
                                                         Simon, Ellery, and Homer, in her home on the Mississippi River.

Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee

Associate Professor of Economics
Office: Main 336, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5259

Degrees and Post Graduate Research Study
Ph.D. University of California-Riverside
M. Phil. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
M.S. University of Calcutta
B.S. St. Xavier's College

                                                         Teaching Areas/Interests
                                                         Economic Development, Asian Economies, Quantitative Methods
                                                         and Econometrics; Gender and Development; Gender Issues in Asia;
                                                         Feminist Economics

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         Economic Development; Economics of Gender;
                                                         Issues in Developing Countries; Asian Development

                                                         Personal Information:
                                                         Loves to spend time with daughter Ahona,
                                                         watch old classic movies and cooking.

John Olson

Professor of Economics
Office: Main 331, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5406
Personal Website

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of Rochester
M.A. University of Rochester
B.A. DePauw University

                                                         Teaching Areas/Interests
                                                         Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory & Policy,
                                                         and American Economic History

                                                         Research Areas/Interests
                                                         American Economic History: the economics of slavery and agriculture
                                                         in the pre-Civil War South, 19th and 20th century monetary and
                                                         financial history, 18th and 19th century U.S. economic growth, and
                                                         student learning and assessment in economics.

                                                        Personal Information
                                                        John is an avid golfer which substitutes for his earlier more youthful
                                                        exploits on the soccer and softball fields. Other interests include
                                                        stamp collection and reading about economics, history, and politics.
                                                        John's wife, Amy is a faculty member in the CSB/SJU Nutrition Department.

Shrawantee (Dora) Saha

Associate Professor of Economics
Office: Main 338, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5882

Degrees and Post-graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
M.A. University of New Hampshire
M.S. University of Calcutta, India
B.S. University of Calcutta, India

                                                         Teaching Areas/Interests:
                                                         Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Environmental Economics

                                                         Research Areas/Interests:
                                                         Her primary research interest is in the area of environmental         
                                                         regulations and their impact on innovation and technology adoption.
                                                         She is also interested in the association between environmental
                                                         regulations and environmental injustice related outcomes.

                                                         Personal Information:
                                                         She is an outdoor person with a love of hiking mountains and
                                                         wilderness. She also loves photography.

Parker Wheatley

Department Chair and
Associate Professor of Economics
Office: Main 335, CSB
Phone: 320-36305917

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
M.A. George Mason University
B.A. Sewanee-the University of the South

Teaching Areas/Interests
                                                          Introductory Economics, Market Structures and Firm Strategy,
                                                          Industrial Organization and Public Policy, Financial Markets
                                                          and Institutions, and Microeconomics Theory.

                                                          Research Areas/Interests
                                                          Recent research has focused heavily on household decision and
                                                          consumption among low-income communities. Other recent work
                                                          includes study of the structure, pricing, and location of financial
                                                          institutions that service low-income communities. Past research has
                                                          focused on a variety of topics in U.S. agriculture, including the role of
                                                          organic food and the internet in these markets.

                                                          Personal Information
                                                          Parker enjoys spending time with his wife and son - bowling, watching
                                                          birds, and enjoying the great weather in Central Minnesota.

                                                     Jenn Schwichtenberg 

                                                          CSB Office Manager
                                                          Office: Main 343, CSB
                                                          Phone: 320-363-5383


Professor Emeritus of Economics

Degrees and Post Graduate Research Study
Ph.D. Colorado State University
M.I.M. American Graduate School of International Management
B.A. University of Cincinnati

Personal Information
Ernie retired in the spring of 2013. Ernie enjoys community work, politics, world music, and hiking in Colorado.

Joe Friedrich

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Degrees and Post Graduate Research Study
Visiting Scholar-London School of Economics
M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. Saint John's University

Personal Information
Joe retired in June 2009. He continues to research in the areas of public policy, especially health care and enjoys keeping in touch with former students and colleagues. He and his wife, Kathy, enjoy traveling, gardening, golfing, reading, and grandchildren.

Chuck Rambeck
Professor Emeritus of Economics

Degrees and Post-Graduate Research/Study
Ph.D. and B.A. University of Minnesota

Personal Information
Chuck Rambeck was a valued member of the economics department from 1975 until his retirement in the spring of 2011.  He passed away in the fall of 2014, and his insights and personality are missed by his former colleagues and students

Chuck Rambeck

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