How Can I Help?


As a Community Kitchen volunteer, you will join an enthusiastic team of fellow Bennies, Johnnies, and community members dedicated to community engagement and social, environmental, and economic justice.

You will work with our Operations Leaders to deliver surplus food to the meal site, serve the meals, and join in the meal and conversation with community members.* No prior training or regular commitment required. Just check out our online sign-up form to find shifts that fit with your schedule!

CK Volunteer Role Description and Expectations

You can also join our volunteer leadership team as an Operations Leader (OL). OLs run our meal delivery shifts through the meal prep, transportation, serving, and clean up.  We ask our OLs to volunteer at least  twice a month (~1.5 hours) and to take our defensive driving course.**

*Transportation is provided by Community Kitchen.

**OLs must have a valid US driver's license in order to drive a campus vehicle for meal delivery shifts.