Updates: Fall 2023

Several useful updates have been made to The Hive.  Please review them in the information listed below.

The Fall 2023 Progress Survey Schedule: The first survey, Enrollment Verification Survey, will go live Wednesday  The complete schedule here.

General Non-Academic Concern *New/Revised Alert*: We have retired the “Student Success Concern” and launched the “General Non-Academic Concern” in it’s place.  We hope this will help clarify the purpose of this flag.  Use this alert to communicate baseline concerns for students when outreach from Student Development may be of benefit.  See more details about this and other alerts at  https://www.csbsju.edu/the-hive/about-the-hive/alert-rules

Basic Search: The student’s name now has bold font to improve readability. 

Student Folder - Contact Information: EAB has updated the right panel of the Student Folder by adding a collapsible Contact box around the student’s contact information. The box also now contains the student’s given name, legal first name, middle name, and family name. 

Student Hover Cards: Staff members using the Firefox web browser were sometimes seeing the word “undefined” appended to the student’s name. Firefox users should no longer have this issue. 

Summary Emails: The count at the top of tracking item summary emails did not match the number of tracking items in the content. EAB has updated the count so that it is in line with the rest of the email.  

Preferred Name:  If a student has provided a preferred name to the institution, it will now be the name displayed on the student record and throughout The HIVE.

Pronouns:  When students update their profile in The HIVE they have the option to provide their preferred pronouns.  Pronouns will display at the top of the students record and on hover boxes when you hover over a student name.

XPD CA Appointments: The “Thank You For Visiting” high five used by XPD has been retired.  Instructors and Faculty Advisors are now able to view student meetings with XPD. You can review this from individual student records and/or you can use additional filters to show students who have had (or have not) a meeting in a particular section/course as needed.  

Mobile Responsive Student Pages: All student facing pages are now mobile adaptive to phones, tablets, or computers. The new dashboard is organized by tiles.  There are dashboard tiles for their HIVE calendar (classes –with link to instructor from course, appointments scheduled via a HIVE Calendar, assignments coming in from Canvas), Notifications (active flags, referrals, to-do items), Their Connections (advisors, FRs/RDs, coaches), Their Services and High Fives (recent/active). 

New Appointment Type for INTG Instructor Meetings: The Integrations 105 Instructors have all been assigned a new role of INTG 105 Instructor in The HIVE.  This role provides the connection needed to review their students who have completed the Intake form as well as provides a unique appointment type to use with INTG 105 meetings.  As mentioned in training earlier in August, please edit your office hours to include or create office hours using the INTG 105 Instructor appointment type.  INTG 105 Instructors should be sure to select this as an option when setting up their office hours.  Please reach out should you have any questions.

Intake Channel:  In summer 2021 we launched The HIVE Student Intake channel.  This allowed CSB/SJU to develop a customized questionnaire that students can complete allowing their support network to start and get to know the first-year student and their goals. The intake form can also be updated to reflect changes in the student's goals or circumstances throughout their time at the institution.  The questions were developed in consultation with faculty and staff members from across CSB/SJU in the spring of 2021.  See sample here.

  • Integrations 105 Instructors, Faculty Advisors, and limited staff in student support areas will have permission to review the Intake form.   You can find your individual student responses on the bottom of the “Info” tab in the student’s folder within the HIVE.
  • New Students have been asked to complete this as part of their New Student To-Do List and they will have received reminders from The HIVE as well.  Should instructors or faculty advisors wish to send a message to students as an additional reminder or encouragement to complete the form, a sample message to send to students that includes and the direct link to the Intake form for students can be found here.
  • On the Intake Tab on the Students Channel you can filter all of your student’s responses to see themes, or identify subgroups such as students who want to work on Writing Skills, or your students who plan to be Student Athletes.
    • Check two settings to be successful in seeing all responses:
      • Active Connection should be set to one of the following: All My Students, INTG 105 Instructor, or Primary/Secondary Faculty Advisor
      • Last Updated Date Range – You need to adjust the first date to 06/01/2021 as this is the date the form went live. The default view is one month and you may be missing responses if you do not adjust the date range  

Check Your Saved Links: Makes sure your bookmarks or favorites for The HIVE point to the following link: https://csbsju.starfishsolutions.com/starfish-ops/.  A few users had an old link saved and this caused confusion when trying to access the HIVE as the old link will result in error messages.  You can also always follow the log-in button from The HIVE’s homepage on the CSB/SJU website at https://www.csbsju.edu/the-hive

Writing Center Visits: The “Thank You For Visiting” high five for the Writing Center has been retired and instead Instructors and Faculty Advisors are now able to view student meetings with the Writing Center. You can review this from individual student records and/or you can use advanced filters to show you students who have had (or have not) a meeting in a particular section/course as needed.