Sustainable Menstruation

Thank you for signing up for a menstrual cup with OrganiCup! Our free distribution event is over, but you can still get 30% off your OrganiCup with coupon code CSBSJU.

HOW TO USE A MENSTRUAL CUP (it's not scary!)

Check out our FAQ below!

CSB/SJU has partnered with OrganiCup's CAMPUSCUP program to give a free menstrual cup to students who need one.

Menstrual cups are a reusable alternative to single-use, paper menstrual products like tampons and pads. Choosing to reuse can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the ~10 year lifetime of a menstrual cup. It reduces your carbon footprint by cutting out the unsustainable, bleached wood-pulp paper of most paper menstrual products, plus all the fuel used to get each of those boxes from the factory to the store to you. Plus, with medical-grade silicone instead of dry, chemical-filled tampons, there's no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

It can seem daunting to change the way you take care of your period, but more information on the benefits of menstrual cups is at your fingertips!  If you're on the fence, check out this safe-for-work instructional video.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

WHAT SIZE SHOULD I GET?  There are two options, MINI and SIZE A. You should only choose MINI if you have medical problems (ex. endometriosis) or are under the age of 18. Menstrual cups are pretty one-size-fits-all. Bigger sizes (size B) are usually for people who have given vaginal birth, and smaller sizes are for those who have medical problems or are not yet fully grown. Virginity, or lack thereof, does not affect menstrual cup size.

WHEN WILL I GET THE CUP? The sign-up period ends on February 24th, and menstrual cups will be delivered after that-- We got the boxes in on 3/8/21!

HOW WILL I GET THE CUP? It will show up magically in your mailbox, along with this 

HOW DO I USE A MENSTRUAL CUP? In short, just like a tampon. Fold, insert, and a few hours later take it out to empty it. Rinse and repeat. When your period is over, wash it with soap and water, maybe boil it, and keep it in the complementary cloth bag until you need it next. Want more detailed instructions? The internet is your friend here-- Try those TEXT and VIDEO guides by OrganiCup.

IT FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE! It's going to, for a bit. Trying a new method is always uncomfortable-- stick with it and it'll get less weird, I promise! Do some internet searching yourself to address problems with the fit. For less invasive, but still sustainable period products, try Reusable Pads (made from cloth, super comfy) or  Period Panties (basically underwear with a built-in fabric pad).

HOW CAN I SPREAD THE WORD? Great question! Our sign-up period is over, but you can still recommend menstrual cups to any period-having friends who want to be more sustainable in their menstrual care! Remember to use COUPON CODE: CSB/SJU for 30% off on OrganiCup menstrual cups! Talk to your friends at other schools about getting a CampusCup program at their school! Menstrual cups are a powerful tool in the struggle to end period poverty-- and a great donation to homeless shelters and pantries.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT?  Wash it and boil your cup thoroughly before giving it away/back! If you're comfortable, give your cup to a friend. If not, you can return your cup (seriously, PLEASE wash it) back to the Sustainability Office in Clemens A102 (by XPD) or Pengel 265. We're glad you tried it out. If menstrual cups don't work for you, try try Reusable Pads (made from cloth, super comfy) or  Period Panties (basically underwear with a built-in fabric pad).