Student Accessibility Services

Faculty and Staff Resources


Our community is committed to creating equitable opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities. The goal of our office is to ensure that all students with disabilities have access to both curricular and co-curricular campus activities. Faculty members play an essential role in the interactive process of providing accommodations.   

Classroom accommodations are guided by state and federal disability legislation, along with current case law. We view our work as an extension of your classroom. Faculty is encouraged to work closely with Student Accessibility Services when questions or concerns about accommodations arise. We value the importance of maintaining the integrity of your course; we prioritize the need to honor academic freedom.


Student Accessibility Services is committed to ensuring that all information and communication regarding students and their disabilities are maintained as confidential except when disclosure is required by law. Diagnostic information is only shared when the functional impact of the disability may present itself in an obvious manner. It is never appropriate to ask a student why they are eligible for any accommodations or to negotiate the terms of the accommodation plan. An example of an appropriate question could be, "What can I do to help support your learning experience in my classroom?"

Syllabus Statement

Faculty is strongly encouraged to include a statement in their syllabi reminding students of their responsibility to be active participants in the process. A syllabus statement sends a strong and inclusive message to students with disabilities. Below is an example of a statement you may use on your syllabi; you are welcome to further personalize this statement:

It is my goal to create a learning experience that is as accessible as possible. If you anticipate any issues related to the format, materials or requirements of this course, please meet with me outside of class so we can explore potential options. Students with disabilities may also wish to work with Student Accessibility Services to discuss a range of options for removing barriers in this course, including official accommodations. Please visit their website for contact and additional information: If you have already been approved for accommodations with Student Accessibility Services, please meet with me so we can develop an implementation plan together.