Past Events

In our long history, Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary has hosted and sponsored numerous special events featuring important conversations that are critical to the theological and ministerial life of the church. Some of these events are listed below, while others are listed in the Special Programs and Events menu.

The Dignitas Humana Award

The Dignitas Humana Award annually recognizes and encourages the efforts of individuals who do exceptional work on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised. It honors those who exemplify the Judeo-Christian values of service, respect, kindness and compassion in their work to advance the dignity of human persons. Past recipients of The Dignitas Humana Award advocate for, nurture and protect people on the margins of society in the United States and around the world and inspire others to work for human dignity and justice.

The Changing Faces Series

The Changing Faces series is the title for an annual multicultural conference, sponsored by Saint John's University, Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary, and CSB's Companions on a Journey, to provide an opportunity to connect with and serve within the broader community and reach more people interested in intercultural hospitality and ministry.

Godfrey Diekmann Lecture Series

The Godfrey Diekmann, OSB Center for Patristics and Liturgical Studies was created to honor the life and work of Godfrey Diekmann, OSB (1908-2002), one of the 46 theologians chosen from around the world to prepare the schema on liturgy during Vatican II.