The Changing Faces Series

The Changing Faces series is the title for an annual multicultural conference, sponsored by Saint John’s University, Saint John's School of Theology•Seminary, and CSB’s Companions on a Journey, to provide an opportunity to connect with and serve within the broader community and reach more people interested in intercultural hospitality and ministry.

A goal of this series is to engage more people in transformative approaches to intercultural ministry. The series is also aiming to invite members of the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University communities to experience all ministry and service as intercultural.

Past programs and presenters in the Changing Faces Series have included:

2008    Black and Catholic: African Roots for Today’s Church, Dr. M. Shawn Copeland

2007    Directions for Theology and Ministry Amidst Latino/as, Dr. Carmen Nanko-Fernández

Past multicultural program topics have included:

2006   From Hospitality to Shalom: Religious Education and Ministry in U.S. Hispanic Churches

2005   How the Rupture of Emigration Affects the Lives of Immigrants Today

2004   La Familia Latina: Youth