New Faculty Hires: Becker and Conway

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March 15, 2017

Introducing, our newest faculty members, Father Nickolas Becker, O.S.B. and Chris Conway, Ph.D.!

Father Nickolas is a monk of Saint John's Abbey who just completed his doctorate in moral theology at the Alphonsian Academy in Rome in June 2016. His area of specialization is fundamental moral theology, and in the SOT he is teaching social ethics and an introduction to virtue ethics course. Saint John's is his home, and sharing in the work of the SOT is sharing in the mission of the Abbey.

Commenting on the new hires, Father Dale Launderville, O.S.B., Dean of the School of Theology and Seminary, had the following to share:

 “Father Nickolas knows how to communicate the Gospel effectively and faithfully carries out this ministry in his teaching as well as his preaching.  With his feet firmly anchored in Midwestern soil since birth, he demonstrates a deep commitment to the Church and a strong love of the priesthood.”

Chris Conway joins the SOT from Boston College, where he earned his Ph.D. in Comparative Theology. He teaches courses in theologies of religions and comparative theology, focusing on Hindu and Christian spiritual and devotional traditions.

 “Chris brings a much needed new area of expertise to our faculty.  He is able with sensitivity to help our students who will be ministering in diverse communities to learn how to understand and appreciate other religious traditions.  His capacity to listen and invite students into discussion over the intersection of religious traditions shows how he is an important bridge-builder and peacemaker.”

Please join us in welcoming Father Nicholas and Chris.