Non Degree Study

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A degree program meets the needs of most students interested in graduate theological and ministerial studies. For students, professionals, and ministers seeking enrichment through education and formation, Saint John's offers a variety of non-degree study options. Students who begin their studies as a non-degree student may apply up to nine credits to a degree program upon admission to Saint John's.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction


Certificate in Liturgical Art and Architecture

A program of twelve credits in core theology and ten credits in the art and skills of spiritual direction, including an eight-month practicum. All work can be done online except "Dynamics of Spiritual Direction" and "Integrating Spiritual Direction" occurring in June each year. The Graduate Certificate Program in Liturgical Art and Architecture is a 13 month program designed to deepen one's knowledge of liturgical spaces. This program offers 8 credits of online learning and 10 credits on campus beginning in the summer of 2023.

Graduate Certificate Programs


Graduate Certificate Programs often suit individuals who are transitioning from one form of ministry to another. All 18 credits for the Graduate Certificate Program may be completed online or on campus. A Sabbatical at Saint John's allows participants to immerse themselves in the Collegeville experience and select from a variety of courses. Sabbatical participants must register for at least six non-degree credits each term.

Continuing education provides enrichment to students, ministers, and professionals in graduate theological and ministerial studies. Continuing education students only need to submit an application and register for available courses.