Distinguished Thesis

Policy for Distinguished Thesis (COLG 396 & 398) Permanent Drops and Withdrawals

In the ideal, students take COLG 396 (Thesis Proposal) in the junior year and complete their proposal by the end of the that year. A finished proposal puts them in a position to work on the thesis according to plan in the summer, or at the very least, to jump right into the thesis (COLG 398) at the beginning of senior year.

However, we know that things don't always work out as planned. Below is our current policy for permanent drops and/or withdrawals from a Distinguished Thesis:

  • Permanent drop - removal of the course from a student transcript
    • All College Thesis Proposal, COLG 396,  must be submitted by October 31st of the senior year
    • All College Thesis, COLG 398, must be submitted by March 1st of the senior year
  • Withdrawal - a grade of "W" enter on the student transcript - will be entered for all requests made after the above permanent drop dates

Last updated October 2021