ILPs & Internships

Individual Learning Projects (ILPs)

Guidelines and application forms for Individual Learning Projects, also called Independent Study, are available online:

Internships for Credit

  • All CSB/SJU students who plan to do an internship for academic credit are required to complete a comprehensive registration process with the Office of Experience & Professional Development (XPD)
  • You should indicate your intent to register for an internship by registering on Banner Web Self Service:
    • Fall semester internship: DNA 397-01A, CRN # 11192
    • Spring semester internship: DNA 397-01A, CRN # 12799
    • Enter the number of credits you expect to earn
    • You will not be officially registered for your internship until the Registrar's Office receives your completed Internship Learning Contract form with all required electronic signatures
  • Contact Student Accounts for information regarding cost of tuition for summer internships.

For more information on internships see the Experience & Professional Development website -