A Guide to Student Holds

Some students will be unable to register for classes until they have made arrangements to clear their any registration hold(s). An explanation of the holds, and the office the student must visit to clear the hold, is listed below. Students may view their registration hold information in the "Preparing for Registration" area of Banner Web Registration.

Academic Holds

Academic Advising utilizes the following codes:

A3 - Acceptance to Major Frequently, this is a sophomore who must complete the application to a major by submitting paperwork to the appropriate department chair .
A7 - Meet with an Academic Advisor Student needs to meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Office
Office of Academic Advising

College of Saint Benedict
ASB 110

[email protected]

The Registrar's Office utilizes the following codes:

R1 - Missing Degree Application Senior who has not applied for graduation.
R3 - Missing High School Transcript First-year student who has not submitted their final high school transcript with date of graduation noted
Registrar's Office

Saint John's University
Quad 163

[email protected]

Financial Holds

The Student Accounts Office utilizes the following codes:

B1, B2, B3 - No Payment Indicates an issue regarding the payment of the student bill.
B4 - Seniors Student is expected to graduate and has student bill to resolve.
B5 - Not returning Student is expected to not return for the following semester and has student bill to resolve.
B6 - No Payment Agreement Student is missing a payment agreement regarding their student account.
T1 - Transcript Hold Student has a balance of $0.01 or more on their student account. This hold only delays or stops the processing of transcript requests. It DOES NOT impact class registration.
Student Accounts

Saint John's University
Quad 148
[email protected]

Health Hold

The CSB and SJU Well-Being Center utilizes the following code:

H1 - Health Form Student has not provided required documentation meeting Minnesota immunization requirements.
CSB and SJU Well-Being Center

College of Saint Benedict
Lottie Hall, Lower Level

Saint John's University
Mary Hall #001

Student Development Holds

CSB and SJU Student Development Offices utilize the following code:

SD - Sexual Misconduct Training Student has not completed the required training to meet the State of Minnesota requirements.
Student Development

College of Saint Benedict
ASB 008

Saint John's University
Sexton 210