Empirical Research Project (PSYC 300)

What is it?

An empirical research project (ERP) is a supervised study including an empirical data-based research project. Students enrolled in an ERP typically assist a faculty member with their research projects. The exact nature of the experience varies by faculty member and depends on the stage that the research project is in.

What are the benefits?

Working with a faculty member on an empirical research project gives students valuable research experience and allows them to get to know a faculty member outside the classroom.

Who is eligible?

Students who have completed 12 credits within the psychology department and have permission of the instructor and the department chair.

What do I need to do to take advantage of this opportunity?

If you are interested in working with a faculty member on their research through an ERP, you should begin by learning more about the research interests of individual faculty members. You are responsible for approaching the faculty members of interest and inquiring about potential opportunities to conduct research with them. The availability of individual faculty members to supervise an ERP student is limited depending on the phase of research they are in, the demand from other students, etc.

Once you find a faculty member to work with for your ERP, you should discuss the details of your project with him or her. Then, you should fill out the online ERP form. The form must be approved by both your ERP faculty moderator and the department chair.

How is an ERP different from an ILP?

An ERP is focuses on conducting empirical research with a faculty member whereas an ILP focuses on reading and content.

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