Kate Schiltz


April 9, 2021

Kate Schiltz searches for courses she knows will challenge her – like those in the CSB/SJU Honors Program – and then digs into the aspects of those classes that challenge her most. Her 4.0 GPA showcases both how hard she has worked at that approach and the success she has had with it. “She is an excellent critical thinker and an accomplished reader and writer,” said Yvette South, associate professor and chair of the CSB/SJU English Department. Schiltz is committed to “using my voice to help those who lack one” – like the unborn and the disabled. “Katherine is a one-of-a-kind, powerful woman that is going to change the world through self-sacrifice, continued education and on-going service,” observed Addyson Diaz, youth minister at the Church of St. Therese of Deephaven, Minnesota.

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