Marketing Communications

Public and Media Relations Requests

Marketing and Communications receives many requests from the media for interviews or comments from faculty and staff experts in various fields. We are always available to provide media direction and to locate experts in specific areas.

Please contact our Chief Marketing Officer for assistance with interview requests for the media.

Katie Alvino

Chief Marketing Officer

Dawn Biren

Director, Communications

Press Releases

Marketing and Communications produces and distributes more than 10,000 press releases annually, including hometown releases announcing student achievements and general CSB and SJU media releases announcing news, events, etc. Press releases assist in effectively announcing and communicating campus events.

Athletic Media Relations

Marketing and Communications promotes the Bennie and Johnnie athletic programs by providing media relations and statistical reporting, coordinating athletic publications and managing news and photographic coverage of sporting events. Athletic Media Relations Directors and supporting staff are responsible for:

  • Maintaining athletic department Web page development and content
  • Sending press releases regarding athletic events and achievements
  • Maintaining CSB and SJU athletic statistics
Ryan Klinkner

SJU Athletic Media Relations Director

Dan Genzler

CSB Athletic Media Relations Director

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