Welle Book Arts Studio

LettersThe Welle Book Arts Studio provides an engaging and inspiring hands-on learning environment in editing, publishing, art, history, and English courses at the College of Saint Benedict. 

Texture and color bring the written word to life as professional artists and students learn the artistry of hand-set letterpress and paper making. 

Book artists also create unique, commissioned projects... 


The Mirror of Simple Souls

The Mirror of Simple Souls was a special book arts project which brought the words of celebrated poet and classicist Anne Carson together with stunning visual images by artist Kim Anno. The College of Saint Benedict Literary Arts Institute serving the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University (LAI) commissioned CSB alumna and book artist Mary Jo Pauly to design and print the book, which was completed in a limited letterpress edition.

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Saint Benedict Handmade Paper

The main purpose of the project was to research prairie plants from the Saint John's Arboretum and the Saint Benedict's prairie to create a handmade paper that signifies the Benedictine ethic of environmental sustainability. "Scientific Methodologies Applied to the Creation of a Saint Benedict Handmade Paper," was conducted by CSB junior Ellory Eggermont, an art major from Fargo, N.D. Her advisers were Rachel Melis and Scott Murphy, assistant professors of art at CSB and SJU.

Papermaking Process Video

Images from Prairie Fields

Prairie Grasses Workshop Slideshow