Book Arts Minor

Paper Making

Book Arts Minor - 24 Credits Minimum

Book Arts Minor Coordinators: Rachel Melis & Scott Murphy

Required Classes - All of the Following (16 Credits):

ART 118 Design: 2D/4D  (4) Fall and Spring

ART 239 Art of the Printed Book (4) Spring

HIST 374 From Books to Bytes  (4) Every Third Semester

ART 397 Internship (4) Fall, Spring or Summer

Electives - At Least Two of the Following (8 Credits):

ART 218 Computer Art 1  (4) Fall and Spring

ART 224 Printmaking - Intaglio or Relief (4) Spring 2012

ART 233 Artist Books  (4) Every Third Semester

ART 233 Printmaking (2) Fall and Spring

ART 233 Handmade Photography  (4) Fall 2012; Fall 2014

ART 233 Hand Papermaking  (4) Fall 2013; Fall 2015

ART 271/371 ILP (Only 1 Allowed)  (4) Fall or Spring

ENGL 213/313 Creative Writing (4) Fall and Spring

ENGL 315 Publishing and Editing (4) Spring 2013

ILPs and Internships must be approved by the Book Arts Coordinator. (In some cases, an ILP or Internship may also be done through the English Department).

Note: Art Minors: can use ART118 to fulfill requirements in both minors.

English Majors/Minors: can double-count one English class to fulfill requirements.

Internship Possibilities (this list is not exhaustive):

On-Campus: Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Literary Arts Institute, Liturgical Press

Off-Campus: Book Mobile, Bruno Press, Cave Paper, Graywolf Press, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Suggested first semester program of study

  • CORE 100 or HONR 100
  • Foreign Language or other Core requirement (4)
  • ART 108, Introduction to Western Art History (4)
  • FA, and/or ART 118, Design 2D/4D (4)

List of course descriptions