International Career, Teach, and Volunteer Opportunities

Working or Volunteering abroad can allow you to share your time and skills with an international community.  This page can you give some helpful tips and resources for finding Volunteer or Work Abroad programs. 

Volunteer, Teach, or Service Abroad

Volunteer abroad programs allow you to share your time and skills with a community abroad. They are typically a few weeks to several months in duration and are almost always unpaid. Most are open to students and non-students and do not require any specific skills or language ability.  CSB/SJU offers great short-term volunteer and service programs abroad through Campus Ministry.  These programs typically happen over winter or spring break. You can also find other Experience Programs nationally or internationally through The Experience and Professional Development office.

The Ideal Volunteer Organization...

  • Is honest about expenses, activities, and challenges
  • Provides potential volunteers with contact info of past participants
  • Screens volunteers for maturity, skills, cultural sensitivity, mental & physical health
  • Provides volunteers with fundraising ideas
  • Is transparent about where your program fee goes
  • Provides orientation materials and preparation suggestions
  • Provides extensive on-site orientation & training, and has a 24 hour support network

External volunteer and service programs are also offered by a large number of organizations. 

Additional Resources:

Evaluating volunteer abroad programs: A set of good principles and practices for volunteer programs developed by the International Volunteer Programs Association

TransitionsAbroad: Explains benefits of volunteering with an organization and where fees go Resources for U.S. Citizens and International Students

Teach Abroad

Teaching English abroad is one of the few practical means of finding a paid position in many countries. Schools around the world are looking for native English speakers for their classrooms. Long-term opportunities often require you to have a 4-year degree, while short-term opportunities are available for current students on a volunteer basis.

  • For Education Majors, why not student teach abroad look here for more information.
  • Be sure to check out the  Teaching in Japan program for great opportunities
  • Worldteach is another possible placement organization for teaching worldwide
  • is a great resource for ESL certified teachers to find positions abroad.
  • Other great Teach Abroad resources can be found through Go Abroad (open with Google Chrome).

Work Abroad

Though the Center for Global Education and CSB/SJU does not currently offer a specific portfolio of stand alone work abroad programs, there are ways to independently seek these opportunities. You may consider consulting with your major or minor departments.

Relocating and Living Abroad

  • Strategies for Working & Living Abroad
  • Relocating to a New Community

Resume Writing

Resources for U.S. Citizens and International Students

Here are few work placement organizations:

  • BUNAC (Placements in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and internships in UK)
  • Interexchange (Over 20 Countries available)

Additional Resources:

Competitive fellowship programs

Competitive fellowship programs are a way to further your professional and academic careers. A wide range of programs can help you finance your undergraduate and/or graduate education, provide opportunities for networking and open doors to new worlds of possibility.

Although many students are initially attracted by the monetary value of some awards, the real significance of these programs is the way they can propel your career to new levels. By participating in a fellowship program, you have a chance to discern your interests and ambitions as well as to develop transferable skills that can help you succeed on the job market or when applying to professional or graduate schools.

There are programs for many different interests and many which offer international components. The key to success is to identify ways to match you ambitions, background and goals with the available programs at the right time.  Visit the Competitive Fellowships and Awards Office to get started!  The application deadlines are strict and oftentimes earlier than you would imagine. So begin today!