After You Return

Looking back while moving forward

Your time abroad was without a doubt something to remember and look back on. We hope that it is an experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You had some exciting times, some challenging moments, some new experiences and some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Study Abroad is a rare glimpse into a different country, living immersed in another culture, sharing a new life. You might almost consider yourself "fluent" in your host environment.

Returning home from study abroad can be a challenging and difficult time. For some, readjusting to life at home can be as difficult as adjusting to life in your host culture abroad. This period of re-adjustment can also be the time when you learn the most from your cross-cultural experience. As you re-adjust to the culture of the United States and to the culture of college life in the U.S., it may be helpful to know a little more about what you are going through and some positive ways of dealing with it. We have developed the following pages specifically for students returning from study abroad to get engaged back on campus and beyond. If, however, you would rather come in and speak with any one of the Education Abroad Advisors, please don't hesitate to do so.

Return from Abroad:

  • Attend the Welcome Back Dinner.
  • Become a Study Abroad Ambassador.
  • Participate in the Photo Contest.
  • Become a Peer Mentor with incoming international exchange programs.
  • Consider an Alternative Break Experience (ABE) with CSB/SJU Campus Ministries.
  • Meet with XPD to explore internationally focused careers or internships.
  • Utilize your study abroad experience as more than just one line on your resume.
  • Explore ways to go abroad again after graduation. Look into Short-term, Volunteer, Intern and Work Abroad programs.
  • Think about Teaching Abroad Options.
  • Considering graduate school? Why not try it abroad!