The study of gender is an important element in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Spring 2018 Gender Course and Approved Electives
Requirements for the Gender Studies Major (40 Credits)
Requirements for the Gender Studies Minor (20 Credits)
Gender Studies Approved Electives

Gender Studies enables students and faculty to:

  • Examine gender and gender constructs across academic disciplines
  • Consider the implications of gender roles in the lives of men and women
  • Explore the social construction of masculinity and femininity


The program incorporates a variety of methodologies and theoretical approaches and an interdisciplinary framework to
explore intersects with and biological construction of gender and sexuality. Students who complete the Gender Studies
major or minor will have worked with materials and methodologies from several academic disciplines in order to gain an
understanding of how gender functions across cultures and in their own lives as it intersects with race, class, age, ethnicity, and sexuality.



Gender Studies Study Abroad: