Gender Studies

Approved Electives

Gender Studies Electives

  • Art 300 Modern and Contempoary Art; C. Brash
  • COMM 305 Gender, Voice and Power; E. Paup
  • COMM 351 Gender and Communication; J. Kramer
  • COMM 354 Gender, Media & Political Campaigns; E. Paup
  • COMM 361 Fat Studies; J. Kramer
  • ENGL 221C World Literature: Voltaire/Nabokov; C. Tourino
  • ENGL 381 Literature By Women; C. Tourino
  • ENGL 385J Medieval Women; J. Harkins
Environmental Studies
  • ENVR 327 Gender and Environment; C. Grosse
  • ENVR 303 Climate Action Workshop; C. Grosse
Exercise and Health Science
  • EXHS 323 Sport in a Diverse Society; E. Belt
Gender Studies
  • GEND 377A Disability and Justice; J. Hinchley
  • GEND 377B Indigenous & LBGTQ+ Allyship; T. Gordon
  • GEND 379 Movements and Change; K. Kraemer, J. Hinchley
  • HIST 333 Gender and Society in Western Europe; E. Wengler
  • HIST 369 Gender in US History; S Smith
    • HONR 120F Psychology of Gender, M. Baker
    • JAPN 321A Contemporary Japanese Women Writers; J. DuBois
    • JAPN 321B Love in Japanese Lit & Film; J. DuBois
      Peace Studies
      • PCST 123 Islam in the USA: Gender, Race, and Ethniciy; J. Armajani
      • PCST 351 Gender and Peace; K. Kraemer
      • PHIL 377A Feminist Ethics; J. Keller
      • PHL 379B Knowledge and Power; E. Esch
      Political Science
      • POLS 314 Sex, Gender, & Political Theory; S. Johnson
      • POLS 339 Gender & Politics; C. Haeg
      • POLS 352 Global Gender Issues; P. dos Santos
      • POLS 380B Inequality, Race, and Gender in Brazil; P. dos Santos
      • SOCI 319 Sex & Gender; J. Jantzer
      • SOCI 336B Men and Masculinities; J. Jantzer
      • SOCI 337P Love, Sex and Marriage: Anthropological Perspectives on Kinship; E. Block
      • THEO 329A Feminist Theology; L. Taylor
      • THEO 329E Queer Theology; A. Mercedes
      • THEO 369C Islam and Gender; J. Armajani
      College of Saint Benedict
      Saint John’s University

      Jean Keller
      Chair, Gender Studies Department
      CSB Richarda P27