New Traditions: Transitions in Fiber Art

New Traditions: Transitions in Fiber Art

Monday, September 5, 2022 - October 15, 2022
Gorecki Gallery, CSB

Aspen Mahon & Jennifer Plas

Medium: Fiber Arts

Fiber arts often blur the line between art and craft, bringing up the question of utility. Is art made to be used, or just observed? Fiber artists reply, why not both? Textiles surround us in our daily lives, to the point of becoming invisible. New Traditions invites you to look more closely at the intentional choices of the artists in creating both mundane and elaborate pieces, and perhaps to carry that mindset into your daily life.

Jennifer Plas earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from St. Cloud State. She is working to start up a creative small business in the fiber arts world.

Aspen Mahon holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and works night shifts at St. Cloud Hospital. On nights off, they dabble in any and all fiber arts, and often have several projects on the go at once.

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