Student Employment Job Application

Technical Aide Application

Description of the Position:

Provide technical and behind the scenes support to over 300 events in the theater spaces on the CSB/SJU campuses. Things you’ll learn: lighting, sound, welding, scenic construction, electronics, rigging and more.

Additionally this position will provide invaluable life lessons in hospitality, education, teaching and live events. Applicants will be given the opportunity to provide the most important resource necessary for various aspects of the arts: the behind-the-scenes work! While you may not always be acknowledged publicly for the work you will do, without you, the show cannot go on.

There is potential for future promotion to a student supervisor role for student employees exhibiting a firm knowledge in procedures, leadership abilities, outstanding reliability, a sense of humor and an enthusiasm for the job.

Professional staff members are dedicated to offering students a welcoming and enjoyable work environment in which they can learn a variety of job skills for their future employment. Additional responsibilities may be available to students looking for work experiences to add to their resumes.

The job locations, work responsibilities, and co-workers change with each shift, so students enjoy a variety in people, places, and work.

CSB/SJU is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning in and through the arts by providing the finest artistic experiences which celebrate beauty, excellence and spirituality. By presenting and producing the finest visual and performing arts experiences, we contribute to and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. As a result, the small towns of Saint Joseph and Collegeville are hosts to a wide array of wonderful performances by campus and community members, as well as some of the same artists that perform in the world’s most respected fine arts venues. Events include, but are not limited to: CSB/SJU Fine Arts Series (CSB/SJU sponsored series of professional internationally and nationally respected artists in music, dance, and theater. Visit for more info), the Education Series (a series of professional performances for children that are attended by area school groups), artist residency activities, CSB/SJU Music & Theater Department performances, campus group sponsored performances and lectures, community sponsored events, and much more.

Length of the Position:

Academic Year

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in providing technical support for all events in the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater, the Benedicta Arts Centers Escher Auditorium and Gorecki Family Theater (including lighting, sound and stage management.)
  • Operate theatrical equipment in all performance areas including light and sound boards
  • Set up required equipment for all groups using the stage facilities including risers, pianos, chairs and microphones.
  • Assist in building sets for Theater department productions from the bare wood to the final, painted project.
  • Assist in hanging lights for Theater department productions, Fine Arts Programming Series events, as well as all on and off campus rentals.
  • Work successfully as a team member to ensure a job well done AND that the work shift is enjoyable and fun for fellow co-workers.
  • Much of your work will involve dealing with nervous or anxious performers and with touring technicians who often are working under great stress. You will be expected to function in a polite yet assertive and self-assured manner.
  • Other duties as assigned. The arts require a broad range of work and as such job requirements and needs can change rapidly.

Minimum Qualifications to Perform the Duties of the Position:

  • Must have a work award.
  • Must be able to work day, evening and weekend shifts.
  • Flexible schedule preferred.
  • Must be responsible, reliable, and have a good work history.
  • Must be able to work with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to lift 50lbs.
  • Willingness to learn new skills a must!
  • At least one nice pair of all black shirt, pants and shoes is required for events

Work Schedule: As a technician for FAP/Theatre, you will be expected

  • To work regularly scheduled shop hours (Typically 2 hour blocks every other day) between 1-5pm.
  • To be available to work in the morning, evenings, and on weekends, and to keep your online calendar up to date with any and all conflicts. Your work schedule will generally be issued 3 weeks in advance and beyond. (Occasionally work hours may be scheduled with a shorter notice based on your current calendar.)
  • Your hours of work will be in direct proportion to scheduled events as well as your work award. You may be required to work during Long Weekend, Free days, Family Weekend, Exam week or other short campus breaks.
  • To arrive promptly when you are scheduled to work.

Contact Person(s):

Fine Arts Programming

[email protected]

[email protected]


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Scheduling: You are required to update and maintain your schedule through Microsoft Office's Outlook Calendar. You must have all classes and important dates scheduled as busy times. Parties and extracurricular activities do not count as busy time. They may be included as tentative, allowing a dialogue between you and your supervisor to discuss a particular event's importance and significance as it relates to your work obligations. All conflicts should be on your schedule at least 1 month in advance.
No Call / No Show Absences: Unapproved absences from work are not acceptable. You will receive 1 verbal warning, and 1 written warning before you are placed on probation. Anyone placed on probation will have their employment terminated if they continue to not meet the expectations of the job.
Academic Priorities: Please remember that first and foremost you are a student. We expect you to prioritize your schedule with classes and homework as your top priority, your Federal Work Award and employment with us as second, extracurricular activities as third, and personal time as fourth. Remember to budget your time with a mindful eye towards studying you will not be allowed to study during work hours.