Theater Department: Frankenstein: A Radio Play

Theater Department: Frankenstein: A Radio Play

Thursday, October 22, 2020 - October 31, 2020
Stephen B. Humphrey Theater, SJU

Adapted from Mary Shelley’s novel by Philip Grecian; Directed by Sean Dooley

Frankensteina live radio play stays true to Mary Shelley’s gothic classic, but the twist lies with the style of the telling. Set in the sound studio of a local radio station in the 1940s, Philip Grecian’s adaptation comes to life. Music, old fashioned live sound effects and 8 voice actors retell the famous tale, which delves into human psyche, hubris and over-vaulting ambition. Many consider the novel by Shelley to be the first work in the genre of science fiction as she questions man’s role as a caretaker of nature and cautious for a need to make thoughtful decisions regarding scientific progress.

  - Excerpted from BWW review: Frankenstein: A live Radio play at screen plays by Dan and Julie Izzo

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