External Grants

We welcome faculty and staff from both campuses to contact our office when considering an external grant.


CSB/SJU benefit from external funding that support innovative a projects and programs, research and scholarship, faculty and curriculum development, purchase equipment, make capital improvements and more-all which enhance the overall educational and campus environment. External funds make a huge programmatic and financial impact on the student experience. Funders have to give the money away; we work to make sure that CSB/SJU benefit.


External funders include state and federal entities, public and private foundations, and associations/societies. The external grants office staff assist faculty and staff research funders, find a good fit, prepare a grant proposal, and manage the overall process so it's positive and rewarding.


With literally thousands of funders, the key is finding the right ones. We provide a keen eye to ensure a productive search and sift out the clunkers. We view grant seeking and grant writing as a partnership-you know the story of what you want the funding to do, we help you craft it to a funding audience so they are as jazzed about it as you are.  We assist with preparation and submission (managing internal approvals, budgets, etc.), managing your grant once awarded, and celebrating successes. And we're a pretty good ear should a funder say no (but we'll encourage you to try again!).


Diane Calabria and Catherine Stoch are the grant tag-team whose home is in academic affairs. With 18 and 15 years' experience at CSB/SJU we appreciate these unique places. During our tenure, we've worked with faculty and staff to garner $20 million (and counting) from external funders. We deftly balance the stress of a "go go" environment by proceeding with calm and good humor, and maintain positive working relationships across campus divisions and departments-a necessity in our work.

And regardless of your field, introvert/extrovert tilt, Type-A planner or last-minute scrambler, we guide you well on your grant trek.  We have the credentials, diligence and focus to work alongside enterprising faculty and staff to develop grant proposals that get funded.  As a student once quipped: "Your office is the deliverer of small miracles." It's a phrase that stuck, and we sure do try.


We are available by phone, email or in person. We're located on the 3rd floor in the Main, 321, on the CSB campus. Our space is made better by having it filled with faculty and staff working on grant ideas. Visit us!


Grant research, grant preparation and grant management take time. It's a lot like what you ask of your students: Research. Planning. Writing. Creating. Budgeting. On time.  All while doing several other things. We understand that once you embark on a grant, it's time consuming. We provide realistic information and timelines to help you manage the process. We are there from your initial inquiry to submission and beyond.