Experience Hub

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Experience Hub

Some of the best learning experiences happen outside of the classroom. Nearly all of them intersect at Experience Hub – a central space in Clemens Library where students can discover the full range of experiential opportunities available at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s.

At Experience Hub, students can connect with resources that empower them to go further by participating in study abroad programs, service-learning opportunities, career-building internships, undergraduate research projects, competitive fellowships and mentoring activities that support their journey to becoming ethical leaders.


Experience & Professional Development (XPD)

XPD is a multifaceted department that provides support at each stage of your academic journey. From choosing a major and career planning … to experience-based opportunities and community-engaged learning, to graduate school and career prep … XPD is the best place to explore, do, reflect and connect again and again and again!


Center for Global Education

Want to see the world and still graduate in four years? We have a program for that. In fact, we have a vast selection of programs including semester, short-term, internship and even virtual options to explore. Our Center for Global Education will help you find a credit-earning study abroad program that fits seamlessly into your curriculum, secure financing and help you make the most of your experience.


Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholars

The Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholars provides support and game-changing mentorship to student scholars in all disciplines throughout their four-year college experience. The office helps students secure competitive fellowships; uncover, plan and execute research and creative work opportunities; participate in off-campus meetings and conferences; and much more. The Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholars is also the home for Pathways to Distinction, a new initiative providing students the opportunity to earn distinction upon graduation arranged with the Institutional Learning Goals.


Fleischhacker Center for Ethical Leadership in Action

The Fleischhacker Center for Ethical Leadership in Action promotes the formation of ethical women leaders in a variety of fields by opening the door to opportunities for experiential learning to increase students’ opportunities for whom these experiences would otherwise be out of reach.