Intramural Policies

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Alcohol is prohibited in the Haehn Campus Center.  Any participant who appears to be intoxicated while participating will be asked to leave immediately and could result in permanent suspension from the league for the remainder of the academic year. Disciplinary sanctions for the violation of the alcohol policy will be appropriated by the Campus Recreation Director, Athletic Director, Residential Life Director and/or Dean of Students.

Checking in your team

All teams (at least 1 person from the team) MUST SIGN IN AT THE CAMPUS RECREATION DESK by their scheduled game time.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Each team must be on the court AND ready to play by ten minutes after their scheduled game time-ALL GAMES WILL START NO LATER THAN 10 MINUTES AFTER THEIR SCHEDULED TIME. Failure of a team not being on the court and ready to play will result in a forfeit.  It is not the responsibility of the official/court supervisors to find teams to get their games going.  It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure their team is on the court and ready to play.

For all playoff games, there will be no time restriction. Games must still start by 10 min. after their scheduled game time, but will be allowed to complete the entire game/match without worrying about time restrictions.


  • All currently enrolled students at CSB/SJU are eligible to participate in our intramural leagues.  Our leagues are not extended to CSB/SJU alum, prep school students, staff nor faculty at this time.
  • Players may participate on only one team per league. If the same sport is offered on separate nights, each night is considered a separate league. If two different sports are offered on one night, those are also considered separate leagues (ex. basketball and floor hockey). If a student chooses to participate in two leagues (different sports) on the same night, the Campus Recreation office does not guarantee that game schedules won't conflict throughout the season.
  • Only players submitted on the team roster are eligible to participate in the games. All team members must have their name on the team roster by the last scheduled regular season game in order to be eligible to play during playoffs.
  • A player may not switch to another team after having played as a member of an original team.
  • CSB Campus Recreation officials CANNOT, under any circumstances, participate on a team the same night they are officiating.

Failure to observe these guidelines will result in the disqualification of the ineligible player from further competition in the sport in which they are found ineligible. Any team which plays with an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which the ineligible person played.


Forfeits are the most damaging occurrence in your intramural program. Enthusiasm and participation quickly diminish after appearing for a contest only to have the opponents fail to show. Your team roster is a contract with the Campus Recreation department and students participants. If you register a team to play in the league, you have a responsibility to be at your scheduled games.

A team can only have three (3) forfeits. A team will be ineligible for playoffs with forfeiture of a fourth (4th) game.

If forfeiting a game, contact the Campus Recreation Desk at 363-5214.  FORFEITS COUNT AS 2 LOSSES AGAINST YOUR OVERALL RECORD.  If you leave a message, tell us your name, team name, league division, game time(s) and night you play so that our office has the correct team information.


Wearing any kind of jewelry while competing in a sport can be very dangerous. Any body piercings must be removed and/or covered with tape before participating in an intramural game. Participants must provide their own tape. Rings, watches, bracelets, etc. must be removed before participating in an intramural game (unless it is a medical emergency bracelet). If officials see anyone wearing jewelry, they will ask the participant to remove those items before the game can proceed.


If an injury occurs during an intramural game, the official can provide ice for minor ankle sprains, bruises, etc. The intramural official has the authority to call security for further assessment of the injury if needed. The CSB Athletic Training Room cannot treat injuries incurred during intramurals. They are contracted through the St. Cloud Orthopedic Center to provide services to intercollegiate athletes only at this time. Campus Recreation does not provide any medical supplies (ankle tape, pre-wrap, second skin, etc.). We have band aids for minor cuts and ice available for minor sprains/bruises.

Risk of Injury

Students are reminded that participation in all activities sponsored by the Campus Recreation Department is completely voluntary and neither the College, the Campus Recreation Department nor its staff will assume any responsibility for injuries or personal property damages during participation.

Protests/Rule challenges

Protests must be addressed by the team captain before the game starts and in the following order to these individuals:

  • First contact - talk to the official the night of league play.  He/she will make an appropriate decision regarding the situation.
  • Second contact - if you want to protest the decision of the official, talk to the lead official for that night.
  • Third contact - if you disagree with the decision of the lead official, then talk to the Intramural League Student Manager. The student managers decision is the final decision. If the student manager is not on-sight, then the lead officials decision is final.

Only the team captain has the right to challenge the officials calls/decisions. The process of challenging calls and decisions also follows the first, second and third contacts outlined above. 


  • Each league has a specific number of current academic year/season CSB/SJU intercollegiate athletes or club team athletes allowed on each intramural team in their respective sport(s). See your leagues specific rules for specifications on all acceptable intercollegiate athlete/club team combinations.
  • See roster specifications in League Offerings for each sport on the number of players needed for a team.
  • All team members must have their name on the team roster by the last scheduled regular season game in order to be eligible to play during playoffs.

Failure to observe these guidelines will result in the disqualification of the ineligible player from further competition in the sport in which they are found ineligible. Any team which plays with an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which the ineligible person played.


Regular Season:
Team captains will be emailed the link for the appropriate league schedule prior to the first game. It is the team captain's responsibility to pass this information along to teammates. League schedules are also available to be viewed by anyone who is at an on-campus computer. This information is not viewable from an off-campus computer for privacy reasons.

Scheduling for league play is organized in accordance with a round robin format scheduling each team to play in an equal number of competitions. Depending on the number of teams in the league, it is not a guarantee that every team will have the opportunity to play every team in the league.  

Final rankings and playoff schedules for all leagues will be determined by 1) team points 2) overal win/loss record 3) forfeits 4) coin flip.

Teams will be placed into a single elimination tournament to determine the overall league champion.  All members of the winning team will receive a CSB Intramural Champion t-shirt.


Good Sportsmanship is critical to the success of all intramural activities. Un-sportsmanship behavior is not only a poor reflection of the individual but it also takes away from the enjoyment of the activity for other participants. Un-sportsmanship will not be tolerated by the Campus Recreation Staff. Any undue swearing, fighting or disrespect shown to participants, the officials or any other member of the Campus Recreation staff will be constituted as un-sports-like conduct. Penalties for this kind of behavior include, but are not limited to, warnings, probation, suspension or expulsion. Teams and individuals who cannot participate without creating problems on the court/field will be removed from the program. During contests, the officials/court supervisors are the representatives of the Campus Recreation Department. Decisions made by the these individuals must be followed to insure proper order and sportsmanlike play during all activities.

Penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior will include:

  • One verbal warning from official/court supervisor.
  • Suspended from the remainder of the game if the offense, or like behavior, is committed within the same game/match.
  • Additionally, the offender will be required to serve a mandatory ONE game suspension following the ejection.
  • A second warning anytime during the rest of that sport season will result in suspension of play from that entire sport season.
  • Fighting draws immediate suspension for a time period determined by the Campus Recreation Director.

Individual(s) will be immediately ejected from a game/event for any flagrant foul or intentional behavior that places participants and/or officials at risk. Additionally, the individual will be required to serve a two-game suspension.

Officials have the authority to remove anyone from the playing arena for un-sports-like behavior regardless if they have received a warning or not.

Team Standings - point system

Teams will be awarded points in the following manner for  a win, loss, tie or forfeit to determine league standings:

Win = 2 points
Loss = 0 points
Tie = 1 point
Forfeit = -1 points

Team with the highest total points is in first place in the league.  

**Volleyball and racquetball teams: you must win your match to be awarded points (whether you play 2 or 3 games).