Give CSB Day Advocate Toolkit

Give CSB Day October 14 red pair of tennis shoes

Being a Give CSB Day Advocate is easy and impactful

Advocates serve as volunteers by actively promoting our day of giving and encouraging others to make a gift. You play an important role in the success of this campaign by building excitement through sharing the campaign with peers over social media, email and text. 

Here's how you can help CSB in three easy steps: 

  1. Sign up for GiveCampus
  2. Become an advocate to track and increase your impact
    • We know your voice matters and the advocate feature allows you to easily connect with peers and encourage them to get involved with the campaign. By being an advocate you can help other donor's gifts go further, add your own story to the campaign and even track how many clicks, gifts, and dollars your outreach is driving in real time. Learn more about how to become an Advocate.  
  3. Make your gift
    • Lead by example and make your own gift early. It's much easier to ask friends and family to join you in making a gift when you've already done it yourself. And remember, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Amplify the Give CSB Day message:

Join us on social media to celebrate the day and share your support for Give CSB Day with friends and family. Review our tips for posting and feel free to use our sample posts and images to help inspire others to give.  


Q: I signed up for a GiveCampus user account. Am I an Advocate yet?
A: Nope! Simply signing up for a user account does not an Advocate make. Anyone can create a GiveCampus user account, but becoming an Advocate means taking active steps to promote the campaign to others. In order to become an Advocate, you must first create and/or log in to your GiveCampus user account, and then use one - or better yet, all - of the Advocate tools.
Q: I already created a GiveCampus user account for a previous give day, or for a campaign at my other affiliated institution. Do I need to create a new account for this campaign?
A: Nope! GiveCampus user accounts are universal to the entire GiveCampus community-- you don’t need one user account per campaign or one user account per Partner institution. Keep logging into the same user account for campaign after campaign and watch your user profile light up with your continued Advocacy.
Q: I made an outright gift via the ‘Give Now!’ button on the campaign page. Am I an Advocate?
A: Nope! But thank you for your generosity. Outright gifts via the ‘Give Now!’ button make you a donor, but not an Advocate. A person only becomes an Advocate when they take an action using the Advocate tools to inspire others to get involved with a campaign. If you’d like to make a gift that can inspire others to get involved with a campaign - and therefore recognize you as an Advocate right away - consider offering a Match or Challenge.
Q: I don’t have a video camera, and I don’t know how to edit videos. Can I still make a Personal Plea?
A: Yep! The vast majority of Personal Pleas are simple selfie videos made on smartphones. There’s no need to use sophisticated equipment, write a script, or edit your video. Personal Pleas don’t need to be fancy to be effective, but don’t be afraid to get creative by bringing in kids, pets, or donning school pride gear. Just be yourself, be authentic, and tell a compelling story.
Q: I uploaded my Personal Plea and went back to the campaign page, but I don’t see my video yet. Why?
A: You’ll see it soon! Each and every Personal Plea is reviewed by a member of the Saint Ben's team to ensure that it’s up to school standards before it is approved and posted to the campaign page.
Q: I still have questions on becoming an Advocate. Do you have any other training I can review?
A:Follow this step-by-step training videoto become an advocate, make your own matching challenge or to create your personal plea video.


Please contact Maggie Weber Utsch ’00, director of annual giving at  [email protected] or 320.363.5932.