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Connect with us on Give CSB Day October 14

We will be sharing updates throughout the day on social media. 

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Give your social media accounts a CSB makeover

Below we’ve provided sample images and messages designed to support your work on Give CSB Day.  All of these tools can be copied and pasted for your convenience.
Give CSB Day giving link:

Social media hashtag: #givecsbday

Images to save and use on social media (right click image and save to your computer):

Save the date Oct 14 #give csb day   I gave today   I support Saint Ben's. Will you?


Save the Date Oct. 14 Give CSB Day red tennis shoes   I gave today Give CSB Day red tennis shoes

I support Saint Ben's. Will you? Give CSB Day red tennis shoes

Say what?

Post on your social media accounts that Give CSB Day is here. Sharing your stories, memories and current or throwback photos will make all the difference in inspiring your friends and family to join in the Give CSB Day fun. 

Tips for posting on social media: 
  • Always include the hashtag #givecsbday. 
  • Posts with images, videos, emoji and other other multimedia typically attract more attention than text-only. 
  • Share your link via the sharing buttons on the Give CSB Day page. 
  • If you choose to create a Match or Challenge be sure to share and promote it throughout the day. 

Sample posts you can tailor for social media or even send via text on or before Oct. 14:

  • "Head’s up, Bennies! Give CSB Day is on October 14. Mark your calendar and join me supporting these lifechanging scholarships that begin the journey for so many unstoppable Bennies!"

  • "Give CSB Day is today, and I hope YOU will stand with me by making a gift to support current and future Bennies! Our support makes a difference for so many. #givecsbday"

  • "I made a gift to Saint Ben’s for #givecsbday, have you? Every gift, no matter the size, will help CSB reach its goal AND there’s matching dollars so your gift goes further today!"

  • "Once a Bennie, always a Bennie. Make a gift to show your support for Saint Ben’s and help raise funds for scholarships! #givecsbday"

  • "When I was a student at Saint Ben's, I [insert favorite memory here]. That’s why I’m taking part in the Give CSB Day this year! You can too: [giving page link] #givecsbday"

  • "I might be [x] miles from Saint Bene's, but it’s never far from my ❤️! Join me in giving back today: [giving page link] #givecsbday"

Take a #givecsbday selfie

Snap a selfie with your Bennie gear and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use the #givecsbday hashtag. Tag your friends and family and encourage them to get involved!