Paying It Forward

The healthy hum of a community

The hexagonal honeycomb pattern is a prominent design in the glass windows of both the Sacred Heart Chapel (pictured right) at Saint Ben’s and the Abbey and University Church at Saint John’s. It provides a unifying architectural detail in key sacred spaces on our campuses.

Saint Benedict’s call to monastic communities and to us today to practice stability and growth is echoed in the natural elements of honeycomb and bees. In stable hives,
they grow and each lives out their own role. Likewise, we each have our own vital role in community, working together to build a home in this place.

Each of us is called to grow in wisdom and knowledge, and to contribute to something bigger than our individual selves. At our best, the College of Saint Benedict is a honeycomb of community. Efficient. All-embracing. Strong.

Embracing that sense of collaborative stewardship is the true joy in becoming a Saint Ben’s Sustainer. Sustainers provide Saint Ben’s with a predictable powerhouse of funds that builds this community and empowers future Bennies.

• It’s simple to sign up.
• It’s safe and secure.
• There’s no need to renew your gifts each year.

Sustainer gifts automatically continue unless you choose to cancel or change them.

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