Saint Ben's Sustainers

Annual giving is a big deal. Making a recurring gift shouldn't have to be.

Keeping our annual giving program strong is a big deal. This critical program supports scholarships, which make it possible for the next generation of Bennies to change the world. No one knows that better than our Saint Ben’s Sustainers.

Our Sustainers understand the need for steady streams of income that keep our annual giving program strong. They provide the security of reliable support through recurring gifts. This allows us to plan more effectively, administer the fund more efficiently and, ultimately, impact the lives of more students.

Becoming a Saint Ben’s Sustainer and making a recurring gift is more convenient than ever. Simply choose the frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually) and the vehicle (electronic funds transfer or credit card). When you do, you’ll join an elite group of stewards that give us a stronger foundation to build tomorrow’s dreams on. That’s certainly a big deal.

I'm ready to be a sustainer, sign me up! 

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