Saint Ben's Sustainers

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We’re upgrading to Sustainer 2.0—an enhanced and more meaningful Sustainer experience—and we can’t do it without you! Sustainers provide Saint Ben’s with a predictable, powerhouse of funds that plants seeds of hope and growth in future Bennies.

Current Sustainers: If you are currently making a recurring monthly credit card gift to Saint Ben’s, we need your help! We’re transitioning from our current method of collecting funds to a new platform. Rest assured, it’s safe and secure. And because we value your security and confidentiality, we’re not transferring your data automatically. That’s why we need your help!

New Sustainers: Come along with us! Every gift to Saint Ben’s makes a meaningful impact for current and future Bennies. New Sustainers receive a custom set of notecards designed by Maggie Eli ’17 in addition to the perks below.

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Sustainer Perks

  • Recognition in CSB’s annual Mission Impact Report
  • Special messages from Saint Ben’s
  • Exclusive communications that highlight the real-life impact of your gifts

 Sign up for Sustainer 2.0

Here’s what you can expect with Sustainer 2.0 

  • Sign up is simple and easy! 
  • Sustainer 2.0 is safe and secure.
  • Now is a great time to consider upgrading your monthly gift amount and choosing electronic fund transfer (EFT) as your method of giving. That way you’ll never have to worry about updating information when credit cards expire.  

See how Sustainer gifts add up and provide a meaningful impact!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Sustainers required to renew or update their gifts each year? 

There is no need for Sustainers to renew their gits each year. A Sustainer gift will automatically continue unless the donor chooses to cancel or change it.

What are the advantages of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Sustainers can make a direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account to increase the impact of your Sustainer gift. EFT is a direct withdrawal, so there are no credit card fees, and that means more of the gift will directly support student scholarships.

What happens if a Sustainer doesn’t move to Sustainer 2.0 before June 30, 2022?

Current Sustainers who do not transition to the new platform before June 30 will not receive the sapling gift incentive and their sustaining gift will stop. Every current Sustainer who transitions to the new CRM between March 15 and June 30, 2022 will help gift a sapling to be planted on the CSB campus.

Maggie Weber Utsch ’00   
Director of Annual Giving