Saint Ben's Sustainers

Simple, recurring, automated gifts make supporting scholarships for today’s (and tomorrow’s) Bennies easy and impactful.

When you spend a few minutes signing up to become a Sustainer, you’ll start making recurring, automated gifts (monthly or quarterly) at a level with which you’re comfortable. The magic happens over time as those easy, comfortable, automatic gifts begin to add up and generate life-changing power.

Being a Sustainer is a win for …

  • You – with convenience and the power to make more of an impact than you thought.
  • Students – with the scholarship help on which over 95% of them rely.
  • CSB – with a steady resource stream that helps us forecast, plan and prepare to serve our students.

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A new way to say ‘thanks’ to our Sustainers

thumbnail images of notecard set

Right now, when you become a Saint Ben’s Sustainer, you’ll get this lively set of notecards showcasing our iconic Main Building through the seasons. You can mail them as postcards or keep them for yourself as colorful reminders of a place you’ll always be able to call home!

Meet the artist

Maggie EliMaggie Eli ’17 is a graphic designer here at Saint Ben’s. She’s also a Saint Ben’s Sustainer. As a student, she majored in art, with emphasis on book art and computer art, and added a communication minor. Though she works remotely from her home in Washington State, her heart never leaves this campus. So when we asked her to capture some of her favorite sights and spots, she knocked it out of the park with a series of colorful prints that pop off the page. We hope they bring about great memories of your own connections to campus!