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National Fly-in Weekends

Fly-in Bus Trip

You're invited to spend a weekend at CSB/SJU

You've seen pictures of the 3,000 acres of lakes, woods and hiking trails at CSB/SJU – now it's time to fly to CSB/SJU for the weekend and see it yourself!

The National Fly-in Weekend program is designed specifically for accepted students from outside Minnesota. We will pay for at least half your travel costs! We also arrange a three-day, customized, campus experience for you. While we will assist you in visiting us anytime, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see our campuses and get to know future classmates from across the country! For more information, contact your admission representative.

To be eligible for flight:

  • Student must apply to CSB/SJU and be accepted for admission
  • Student flight must be arranged by student or parent/guardian in case flight has to be cancelled/postponed due to COVID
  • Student flight should be booked three weeks prior to visit date (to get most affordable flights)
  • Flight cost for student should not exceed $500
  • Student/Parent/Guardian will need to submit flight receipt with cost for student flight to be reimbursed after visit
  • Student must fly with parent/guardian who provide transportation to campus
  • Admission will pay for one-night lodging (one room over the time of their visit) in Saint Joseph/Saint Cloud at one of the following hotels: