Referral Cheat Sheet

We encourage you to talk to the student(s) you referred about the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. In fact, sharing your love of CSB+SJU with students is one of the most impactful aspects of the recruitment process. We hope this cheat sheet will help you feel more confident talking about the longterm affordability and value of a CSB+SJU education. If you or the student you refer have questions, please don't hesitate to contact an admission counselor.


  • 95% of students receive financial aid.
  • 90% of graduates complete their degree in four years.
  • Our academic scholarships range between $16,000 - $33,000 and are renewable for four years.
  • CSB+SJU are ranked among the top 50 colleges in the nation by  Money Magazine and are the top-ranked schools in Minnesota. Rankings are based on educational quality, affordability, and job success.
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  • 100% of classes are taught by professors.
  • 19 students, on average, per class.
  • 85% of professors are fulltime
  • 100% of students participate in experiential learning before graduation.

Global Community

  • Ranked among the top in the nation among undergraduate colleges for the number of students who study abroad.
  • 150 international students from countries around the world.
  • 200 courses offered throughout the year incorporate an international component.
  • 75 students hold internships abroad each year.


  • 99% of CSB+SJU graduates are employed, continuing their education or volunteering fulltime within one year of graduation. Search our graduate database.
  • 100+ companies visit CSB+SJU every year to interview students for internships and permanent positions.