Admission Video Spotlight Volunteer

Primary Staff Contact: Marissa Russell

Purpose of Position: Create a personal video message that can be shared with prospective students and their families. These videos may be used geographically and/or within an alum’s high school alma mater.

Responsibilities (all or some of these are options):

  • Self-record a video message
  • Key messages for an alum to deliver:
    • Speak to value of a CSB+SJU education, why the investment in money and time are well spent here
    • Messages need to convey why we're different
    • Messages of value, of connection, quality of experience especially academic
    • Say something specific to their high school
  • Share appropriate personal experiences about your CSB+SJU experience
  • Respond to prospective student or parent questions
  • Prepare a short bio and written message to summarize the video content
  • Submit a report of volunteer activities with the admission department including time and mileage


  • Must be an alumna of CSB or an alumnus of SJU
  • Willingness to meet one on one with admitted students and/or their families
  • Must have completed required CSB+SJU admission training

Training Requirements:

  • Follow directions for video creation and submission
  • Understand key messages or talking points to cover in a spotlight video

Time Commitment:

  • 30-60 minutes to prepare and shoot your own personal video message
  • 15-30 minutes to submit your video
  • 30 minutes once a year to provide an annual update if desired


  • Positive connection to CSB+SJU
  • Skill development in areas of mentoring, recruitment, and persuasion
  • Networking with other CSB+SJU alums