Admission College Fair Assistant

Primary Staff Contact: Carol Gadd-Marshall

Purpose of Position: The purpose of this position is to represent CSB/SJU at local college fairs in partnership with Admission staff.


  • Talk with prospective families about attending CSB/SJU
  • Share personal experiences about your CSB and SJU experience
  • Respond to prospective student or parent questions
  • Distribute admission materials for students and families to take and return to the Admission Office any unused materials.
  • Submit a report of volunteer activities with the admission department including time and mileage


  • Must be an alumna of CSB or an alumnus of SJU
  • Ability to speak appropriately and factually about the CSB/SJU experience for today’s students
  • Knowledge of CSB and SJU admission process, academic offerings, student involvement activities, etc.
  • Must have completed required CSB/SJU Admission training

Training Requirements:

  • Be current with college and university statistics (At A Glance, Demographic Profile of both institutions, Institutional History, Coordinate details)
  • Be generally familiar with the admission process (Application process and deadlines)
  • General knowledge of Financial Aid (merit-based aid and need based aid, FAFSA)
  • Maintain current awareness of frequently asked questions and supporting responses
  • Be familiar with National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC)practices and procedures.
  • Be familiar with “How to Do a College Fair” training module

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour prep work prior to the fair, reviewing college and university materials
  • 1 ½ - 3 hours per college fair (this amount is variable by event)
  • Travel to and from the college fair
  • This is a one-year term and you will be asked to continue as a volunteer annually.


  • Positive connection to CSB and SJU
  • Skill development in areas of public speaking, recruitment, and persuasion
  • Meeting the next generation of Bennies and Johnnies