ACT/SAT Information

You may self-report your scores when applying to CSB/SJU. 

CSB/SJU factor your ACT or SAT test scores into both our admission and scholarship decisions. We use these scores as part of our holistic application review. You may self-report your scores when applying to CSB/SJU, either by reporting them on your Common Application or sending a copy of your score report via email ([email protected]). When self-reporting, please include subscores and testing date. 

Please Note: All enrolling students will need to submit official test scores, and any discrepancies between self-reported and official test scores may affect a student's offer of admission and/or scholarships.

You may have your scores sent to CSB/SJU.

If you want to send us your scores, you will need to fill in our school code when registering for the ACT/SAT tests.

ACT School Codes:

* CSB/SJU do not require the writing portion of the ACT.

SAT School Codes:

Did you know we superscore?

Superscoring means that we will combine your best subject scores from multiple test dates to calculate the composite score. For example, perhaps you took the ACT three times. Maybe your best math subscore came from your first test, your best reading subscore came from your second test and your best science subscore from your third test. Send us the results of each test and we will superscore them.