We send email requests to both students and parents. Your family will need to connect to make sure you aren’t sending duplicate forms.

Welcome to our community!

Complete the following form. We’ll create welcome flyers and social media images that you can use to celebrate your decision to join our community. You will be sent a PDF version to print and a jpeg version to share on social media.


  • Flyers are sized to be printed on 11 x 17 paper. If you want an image that will work larger, please contact Sarah Simpson at [email protected]
  • Photos for the flyers will be cropped to 8.25" x 10.5" and photos for Instagram/Facebook ads are cropped to 1200px x 628px. If you need to submit different photos to work with those sizes, just email additional photos to Sarah Simpson at [email protected] The photos you submit need to be at a fairly high resolution or will result in pixelated/grainy images.
  • See samples at go.twocolleges.com/welcome.
As you want it to appear in the flyer.
As you want it to appear in the flyer.
Enter official high school name. We typically remove reference to "Area" and "Senior" in school names, and attempt to have consistency when more than one student coming from a school.
International students: we'll add your country to the welcome flyer.
We begin sending after April 15. Please allow at least two weeks for us to complete your flyer. If you require it sooner, please email us at [email protected]
May we (pretty please) use the content of your flyer to welcome you via an Instagram/Facebook advertisement targeting your geographic area? (See more information below.)
Please notify your parents that you have allowed us to share this public information.
If you answered NO to the above question, may we include you to a website welcoming new students? (Click on link in intro text to see samples.)
(If you answered YES to the above question, we automatically add you to this website.)
Do you plan to participate in intercollegiate (varsity) athletics? (See more information below.)
(NCAA doesn't allow us to run "welcome ads" for athletes until after school starts in the fall.)


Email Sarah Simpson at [email protected]

Additional Photo Information:

If you don’t have an electronic image or the ability to scan an image, you can send a photo (the bigger the better) to:

Sarah Simpson
Marketing & Communication Office
CSB Schoenecker Commons
37 South College Avenue
St. Joseph, Minnesota 56474

Instagram/Facebook Ads:

We’re proud of our incoming students and want to let the world know you are joining our community. We’d like to turn some of our welcome flyers into Web-based ads and target a radius around your area (area might be your high school, your town if relatively small, or your country if you are from the Bahamas ... seriously). Many factors go into determining if we feature student(s) in a particular geographic market. We won't be able to feature all students.

Privacy concerns? The ad will only contain your name, your high school, and your plans to attend CSB/SJU. This is information frequently publicly shared in local news outlets. We will notify students (and their parents) if we are planning to run a welcome ad.

Information for Athletes:

The NCAA prohibits colleges from running paid advertisements welcoming athletes prior to their arrival on campus. If you are a potential intercollegiate athlete, we will wait until after September 1 to run an advertisement featuring you.


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