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Global Business Leadership Department

Meet Our Students

CSB/SJU GBUS Student Julia Vang CSB/SJU GBUS Student Teddy Kline CSB/SJU GBUS Student Juhaan Johar

"CSB/SJU are helping me to become a leader in the world of business by bringing alums to campus who work around the globe to share their experiences with students."
Julia Vang


"CSB/SJU have prepared me to be a leader in the world of business by the extensive group projects that I have had to complete, including an in-depth industry analysis."
Teddy Kline


"Working and learning with a diverse crowd, CSB/SJU are teaching me the importance of working with people ranging from huge venture projects to class level group projects. "
Juhaan Johar

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Overview of Programs

  • One of a kind undergraduate program with a specific global focus preparing students to have an unparalleled set of skills and leadership qualities for the 21st century business world
  • A yearlong cohort of business courses at the sophomore level serve as a building block to prepare students with a global mindset
  • Senior-level strategic analysis tools introduced in the sophomore year
  • Twelve four-week sophomore seminar topic sessions
  • Diverse and international faculty with solid academic and corporate experiences
  • National and international internship opportunities across North America, China, Hong Kong, India, Chile, and Bosnia
  • Juniors and seniors take upper level core classes in global business and seniors take a capstone advanced global strategy course
  • Intense, semester-long applied team research projects and presentations
  • Strong alumnae/i network across the globe
  • Nationally recognized student leadership opportunities through such groups as Enactus, Case Study Competition Team (S.A.M.), Mayo Scholars and the Marketing Club

Global Internships

Hear from students who have taken what they've learned at CSB/SJU into the global job market as interns:

About our students
A different type of leader

The global business environment requires a different type of leader. This new leader must have:

  • Functional knowledge and analytical skills
  • Be adept at leading teams
  • A global mindset that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity
  • An ability to see common patterns across countries and markets
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