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Gender Studies Major

The Gender Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary course of study that examines gender and sexuality from social, cultural, and biological perspectives. The program is founded on close collaboration between academic departments, enabling students and faculty to utilize the perspectives and methodologies of gender and women's studies across traditional disciplines.

The Gender Studies department is comprised of over 50 professors, who are from other departments. Our professors offer a broad curriculum for students interested in the Gender Studies major.

Our department is interculturally focused. Our faculty come from diverse backgrounds, we offer three different study abroad programs, and our courses study gender in different social and cultural contexts.

Our curriculum incorporates the topic of gender into other disciplines, such as the Humanities, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences to create an interdisciplinary education.

Students can choose from courses in many departments, including:

A degree in Gender Studies equips students for social change, while giving them the tools to work for social justice. It has allowed our alumni to work in many careers, such as an attorney, marketing assistant, lobbyist, and even a licensed marriage and family therapist; the opportunities are endless.

All degrees benefit from the knowledge that is learned from Gender Studies. Gender awareness, advocacy, and equality make you more marketable in your profession.


Bystander Intervention - The Challenge

CSB and SJU describe themselves as communities that are caring, hospitable, and welcoming. Whether that is real or not is dependent on our actions and behaviors, as well as how we react and intervene in problematic situations. Even in these communities, we have language, attitudes, actions, and behaviors that can lead to or possibly cause problematic, if not dangerous situations.  To truly be campuses with healthy and caring attitudes and practices and have a culture that is civil, respectful and non-violent, we need to have community members who are ready, willing and able to intervene in inappropriate, high risk or problematic situations. Engaging community members in intervening is the goal of bystander intervention programs.  Researchers have indicated that many alcohol, drug, violence (including sexual assault), discrimination and other type of negative actions are witnessed by people or are known by people not directly involved.  Helping community members understand that they have the potential to intervene, how to intervene, and that it can make a difference, can help us be the communities we want to be. 

How does language affect the culture of sexual assault? This is just one question that will be explored in the sexual violence bystander intervention program available for members of our CSB/SJU communities.
Two Opportunities to Participate
Monday, November 7, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Gorecki 204C
Tuesday, November 15, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. Quad 360

To sign up or ask a question contact Lori Klapperich ([email protected])


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