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Studying engineering at CSB/SJU

Our pre-engineering program features small classes and dedicated teachers, in a liberal arts environment. That last part is important, because as an engineer, you will need to solve a lot of problems using critical thinking. And our liberal arts approach is all about critical thinking skills.

Here's how it works

Our "dual-degree" program allows you to begin your academic studies at CSB/SJU and then continue your engineering degree at another school while still receiving a liberal arts degree from CSB/SJU. Learn more.

Overview of Program

  • Students in our program typically major in either physics, chemistry, computer science, or math.
  • We offer a commitment by our faculty to work closely with students in labs and in the classroom.

Student Profile

"I think that physics gives me an excellent preparation for engineering because it teaches me how to think about a problem and how to understand a problem mathematically as well as intuitively," says Schei. Read more...

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Jim Crumley
Advisor Pre-Engineering
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John's University


Md Abdul Fazal
Advisor Pre-Chemical Engineering
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John's University