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The Common Curriculum Committee handles the following requests:

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Questions about the Common Curriculum?  Please contact:

Ken Jones
Director of Common Curriculum
Quad 359B
(320) 363-2720

Thomas Sibley
Academic Curriculum Committee Co-Chair
PEngl 243
(320) 363-3810

Bruce Campbell
Academic Curriculum Committee Co-Chair
Quad 253E
(320) 363-2727

Alison Spenader
Curriculum Committee Chairperson
HAB 136
(320) 363-5028

Laura Schmitz
Office Coordinator, Common Curriculum
Quad 362D
(320) 363-3030

Questions about your Fine Arts Experience? Please contact:
Terri Johnson 
Art Department Coordinator
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John's University
BAC A192
(320) 363-5036