Modify Short-term Off-site Course

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Deadlines for submission:

If course is scheduled to take effect in Spring or Summer the deadline is March 15 of the year before (For Example: Spring or Summer 2019 revisions must be submitted by 3/15/2018)


The Curriculum Committee CANNOT guarantee timely review of proposals received after the deadlines.  Further, it is the policy of the Curriculum Committee to give priority to proposals that are the result of Program Review.    


Current Course Information

Current grading type

Proposed Changes

Proposed changes to course (check all that apply)

Proposed change in grading type

Please explain any changes in the course's activities in as much detail as possible. Your explanation should address the following questions:

  1. What pre-travel learning will students do?
  2. When will you and the students depart and return?
  3. What locations will be visited?  What will students do at those locations?
  4. How, specifically, will students engage with the culture(s) they will encounter?
  5. What post-travel learning will students do?

Curricular Impact

Please explain how proposed changes to this course will affect other offerings within your department. How will it affect your department's curriculum?


Budget Impact